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Looking To Start Or Grow Your Business?

Float Accounting specialises in providing a wide range of services created specifically to help new businesses scale and achieve true sustainable growth.

Register a business
Register Your Business
Get fast and efficient help in registering your business name, your company if you decide that it is the right business structure for you, your trademark/s if any, and your corresponding taxes as well as getting your Australian business number (ABN) and all the required licences and permits.
Tax, Bas and Financials
Financials, BAS & Tax Returns
Gain full assistance in the correct preparing and lodging of financial reports, business activity statements (BAS), and tax returns on time every time throughout the year so you can properly calculate how much tax you need to pay or how much the ATO owes you.
Taxminimisation01 [Converted]
Tax Minimisation & Planning
Receive proactive tax minimisation and planning through careful and meticulous analysis of any applicable strategy available for your business to legally reduce the taxes you pay every financial year so you don’t have to fork out excessive amounts when you don’t need to.
Assetprot01a [Converted]
Asset Protection
Safeguard all your business assets and wealth from claims by creditors and others through proper financial planning and structuring techniques geared towards limiting access to valuable resources while staying within legal boundaries.
Ensure all your financial statements and business data are kept updated and accurate all the time and maintained in accordance with Australian bookkeeping standards so you can make well-informed and precise operational, financial, and investment decisions for your business.
payrollmanage01 [Converted]
Payroll Management
Acquire support in the correct preparation of employee payrolls which includes proper calculation of salaries as well as contributions for social, health, and unemployment insurance and personal income tax.
Virtualcfo01 [Converted]
Virtual CFO
Gain the knowledge and expertise of a highly skilled, qualified, and experienced virtual or external chief financial officer (CFO) that can provide you with strategic financial management advice and ensure your numbers are right.
Performanecdash01 [Converted]
Business Performance Dashboards
See tangible data about how your business is performing across all aspects from sales, marketing and investments to financials, operations and human resources, so you know exactly what you need to do.
managementcons01a [Converted]
Management Consulting
Draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of tested-and-proven business advisors and managers to help you analyse key areas of your business that need improvement and provide you with tools, strategies, and action plans you can implement right away.
Xeroandcloudapps01a [Converted]
Xero & Cloud Apps
Secure and streamline your accounting and bookkeeping systems and processes to make them safer, faster and more efficient, by utilising Xero as well as a vast array of the latest innovations in cloud technology applications designed and engineered for business improvement.
Insurances & Legal
Protect your business from a long list of potential risks by establishing a solid insurance and legal framework while securing immensely valuable tools and advice tailored for your type of business from well-established experts in the insurance and legal sectors.
Workshops01 [Converted]
Get practical yet highly effective tools, strategies, and action plans your business needs to quickly increase profits and achieve true sustainable growth from seasoned business advisors, accountants, financial planners, and technology experts with decades of skills, knowledge, and experience in growing businesses.

Float Accounting offers accounting advisory services as well as a wide range of business support services that help  build and grow new startups and support existing enterprises to not just survive but thrive.

How Can We Help?

At Float accounting, we have a team of highly skilled, qualified, and experienced business advisors, tax accountants, bookkeepers, and financial planners who can help you –

  • Conceptualise, design, and plan the business you want to build,
  • Design, plan, and implement marketing, sales, financial, operations, and human resources strategies with our business consulting services,
  • Get startup support with our new business services,
  • Streamline business systems and processes,
  • Minimise and plan business taxes,
  • Prepare and lodge all tax and compliance obligations,
  • Ensure all your financial statements are up-to-date and accurate,
  • Protect all your business assets,
  • Secure your financial data through cloud accounting,
  • Manage your payroll, and
  • Have all insurances and legals securely in place.

Our team can do all this so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business and doing what you must to build a better life for yourself and those who matter most to you.

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Why Choose Us?

You choose Float Accounting if you want to –

  • Achieve true sustainable business growth quickly,
  • Establish solid foundations to withstand the test of time, the threat of volatile markets, and the challenges of an unpredictable business landscape,
  • Acquire secure, intelligent, accurate, and reliable tax, compliance, accounting, and bookkeeping services,
  • Make well-informed and precise strategic business decisions, and
  • Ensure the future of your business, yourself, and those who matter most to you.
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